Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Combine moisture readings likely inaccurate

The recent and prolonged rain has created problems for Idaho grain producers in eastern and central Idaho, where harvest has been delayed and grain has started to sprout in the head. Grain still standing in the field has been damaged by rain.

Each rain event contributes to additional deterioration of grain quality. While the objective is to harvest as quickly as possible, if the grain is going to be stored for later use as feed (or ethanol, etc), please DO NOT harvest at high moisture content. Already moldy grain will continue moldy growth unless the moisture is below 12%. To arrest growth, harvest below 12% and keep air flowing in the bins.

Moisture sensors in the combine are unlikely to be accurate for sprout damaged grain!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lost Rivers Grazing Academy Offered in Salmon Idaho September 9-13

September 9-13, Eagle Valley Ranch, Salmon, Idaho
 The Lost Rivers Grazing Academy is a 4-day hands-on workshop for livestock operators and their advisers and consults that want to harvest and sell more of the sun’s energy through grazing of primarily irrigated pastures.
The Academy was first held in 1994 in the Lost River Valley, and has been held at least once annually for the last 12 years.  The program has won state and national awards for Extension programs and is has been recognized internationally.  It has been attended by agency personnel and livestock operators from all over the western US, as well as from eastern US, Canada, Mexico and South America.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Stripe Rust Reported in Eastern Idaho

Stripe rust has been reported in UI Pettit in the Rockford area south west of Blackfoot. 

Stripe rust has been reported in WB936 on west side of Idaho Falls.

Stripe rust has been reported in a spring feed barley ( north of Rupert. The barley was in milk to soft dough. Fungicide application is not recommended for the barley, and in addition the allowable time frame has passed for fungicide application in that field. 

Spot Form of Net Blotch Affects Barley in Idaho

A new small grains alert was posted to

Alert Information:
Last year, a new barley disease was seen for the first time west of Blackfoot.

This year, numerous examples have been seen of the Spot Form of Net Blotch, also called SFNB. So far, we are not able to determine damage estimates for our production conditions. In other areas where the disease occurs (Montana, MonDak areas), losses of 50-75% have been reported. Again, there are no estimates of damage potential here. Full rates of fungicides are recommended for control in susceptible varieties. The 2014 PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook lists the following fungicides for control (this list may not be inclusive of all effective fungicides): Headline (6-9 fl oz/A), Stratego (7 fl oz/A), Vertisan (14-24 fl oz/A), Priaxor Xemium (4-8 fl oz / A). 

To view the full alert, and to download any attached files, please go

Thank you for your interest,

The Treasure Valley and Pacific Northwest Pest Alert Network

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Free Rangeland Monitoring Workshop June 17th

Click on image to enlarge.
The workshop is free and lunch is sponsored by the Idaho Rangeland Commission.
Please indicate your intention to attend by calling 208-756-2815 ext 284 by June 13th

Friday, May 30, 2014

Strip Rust Confirmed in Hazelton

Stripe rust is confirmed in Hazleton, ID, on the soft white winter wheat variety Brundage. So far only in one field, but we will keep monitoring the development. Winter wheat in Jerome area was boot to flowering, but no stripe rust was seen on WB528 and SY Ovation. Root disease (possibly Rhizoctonia) and maybe nematode pressure caused stunting, root damage, yellowing of plants in fields where cereal crops were planted three years in a row.

Beef Quality Recertification Opportunity June 24th

On Tuesday June 24th, as part of the Idaho Cattle Association Mid-year Convention, there will be a Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) recertification workshop.  The topics will include:

  1. Implants and Growth Promotants
  2. Beef quality Assurance Workshop
  3. Meat Carving Demonstration
  4. Test for Recertification 
The program will be June 24th at the Hotel on the Falls in Idaho Falls.